We Are Our Customers

At Web Host Biz Philippines, we only employ people who are passionate about everything web and technology-related. Our natural drive and extensive knowledge mean that we’re able to go far beyond other web hosts when it comes to support, in-house development, market-leading services, and reliable platforms backed by high-end hardware.

Our friendly support staff are all trained and work in our Makati office to ensure the highest standards of service. We don’t rely on robotic cut-and-paste responses; instead we focus on personal and practical support to suit your needs.

What Makes Us Different - Web Host Biz Philippines
What Makes Us Different - Web Host Biz Philippines

We’re One Step Ahead

We love shiny new toys and technologies, and we update our software, servers, platforms and systems to stay ahead of the competition. This means you’re always benefiting from faster, more secure hosting and the freedom to use the latest versions of programming languages and software without interruption to your services.

We work to provide the best possible home for your websites, so rather than leaving platforms and hardware to decline, our customers benefit from the latest and greatest hardware and updates supported by in-house and industry-leading software and maintenance.

We Think Outside the Box

At any one time we have dozens of projects on the go across every department, ranging from behind-the-scenes performance tweaks to customer control panel features to innovative public tools like the 360 Name Finder.

Our fantastic in-house development team, system administrators and project managers mean that our products are custom-built to our (and our customers’) exact needs rather than being inflexible out-of-the-box third party solutions.

You’re not just buying web hosting – you’re benefiting from an evolved bespoke service created and maintained by some of the most intelligent and forward-thinking people in the industry.

What Makes Us Different - Web Host Biz Philippines
What Makes Us Different - Web Host Biz Philippines

We Celebrate Our Customers

We love celebrating your websites, projects and achievements with you, and we’re as excited about what you accomplish on the web as you are. We love the warm fuzzy feeling that comes from the pride of hosting a really awesome website and knowing that we’ve contributed to help that happen. We believe you can achieve anything, and we love to see what you’ve been working on.

Drop us a tweet, or comment on Facebook or Google+ and let us know what you’ve been up to – we’re always looking for new faces to interview, blog about and share. We also run a Website of the Month contest and have a Pinterest Customer Spotlight board dedicated to your projects.

We think it’s fair to say that our customers are proud of us, too. An independent PC Pro survey found that 97% would recommend us to a friend. Find out more about who our customers are and what they think of us in our Kudos section.

We Act on your Feedback

We take customer suggestions seriously – who else is better placed to suggest new features and improvements than the people who use our products and services every day? As an I-Map customer you’re automatically provided with a comprehensive feedback form in your control panel to make voicing opinions as easy as possible.

We’re proud that so many people rely on our hosting to make their businesses and brands a success, and we continue to implement thousands of customer suggestions to make your life easier.

What Makes Us Different - Web Host Biz Philippines
What Makes Us Different - Web Host Biz Philippines

We’re Honest

We believe in promises that mean something, being transparent, and doing the best we possibly can at all times. That’s why we don’t have any lock-in contracts, we encourage your feedback, and we provide round-the-clock customer support for our industry-leading services.

Got a question or looking for a custom hosting solution? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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